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Camstudio Pro Review

Have you ever been on your computer and see a picture of the most beautiful landscape. Sadly you can’t save the picture because of whatever reason. Well I know some pictures I would love to hang-up in my own home. Than one day a friend of mine told me about this new software that takes a picture of whatever is on your screen. Cam Studio Prois a screen capture software program that offers user-friendly and effective features for internet marketers.  


If you have an online business that could use new and modern updates with new and advanced software, you have come to the right place, because there has been revolutionized screen capture software that was developed by Internet marketers especially designed for Internet marketers! Not only that, but it is cheap and affordable. Finally it is software that will make you money!

This new and affordable screen capture software is called the CamStudio Pro. The CamStudioPro was designed to increase your sales revenue on your online business with one simple method. The method is to integrate high quality streaming videos onto your website! With CamStudio Pro you will be grateful to be able to benefit from the bonuses of other screen capture systems that would ordinarily retail at $300 dollars.
With CamStudio Pro, it will show you how an Internet marketer earned over $9000 by using CamStudio Pro by streaming videos to the business website where the Internet marketer promoted other people's products!

CamStudio Pro is the easiet and quickest program for video making.

And  is a screencasting program for Microsoft Windows released as free software. The software renders videos in an AVI format. It can also convert these AVIs into Flash Video format, embedded in SWF files. CamStudio is written in C++, but CamStudio 3 will be developed in C#

Dave Guindon, who is the product designer and developer of CamStudio Pro, specializes in innovative software design that is especially for marketing products over the Internet. Dave Guindon also offers tools for performing extensive market research and completion of continuous online tasks. Each tool that he designs he ensures that the tool will consist of two factors; that it saves you time and that it saves you money.

The most popular Internet marketers often refer using screen capture software to increase your business. Dave Guindon uses this type of technology in CamStudio Pro.
What screen capture software does is it turns your website into a virtual dialog. You can make a video of your computer screen and also records your voice at the same time.

Cam Studio Pro is a software program that capitalizes on one of the hottest trends in internet marketing video today: screen capture. When you present a screen capture video, you are showing viewers exactly what you are seeing and what you are doing on your screen. When you can add your voice to this so you can explain to viewers what they are seeing as well, you have a great basis for a tutorial that they can see and not just read. One of the things that creator Dave Guindon emphasizes about Cam Studio Pro is that it is surprisingly inexpensive, especially compared to other screen capture software programs.

The catch of screen capture videos is that videos generate more Internet visitors to your site. Just look at how successful YouTube is. Videos offer a dynamic piece to an Internet marketer marketing techniques. This method allows you to be more personal with the visitors that come to your site. Matter of fact many Internet marketers have gave credit to this tool to generating them thousands of dollars.

But it turns out that the same tools that make it easy to publish the videos for traffic generating purposes are the same tools that make it easy to deliver the training videos.

CamStudio Pro is the best video screen capture alternative to Camtasia, especially if you're on a budget.  Its streaming video capture software quality is only slightly different from Camtasia. Yes, there are a few limitations but, overall, if you're just looking for basic webcam video capture software at an affordable price, go to CamStudio Pro.

You have probably encountered different video help files and asked yourself how they had been made. Or maybe you want to see if someone has gone through your computer files while you had a break. A simple way to do this is checking the CamStudio open source application. Mainly designed for building tutorials, CamStudio records all audio and video activity from your screen. But the area of use does not stop only there, as you can record just a certain area of your desktop.

The screen and video annotations can bring a nice touch for your movie, improving the quality of expression. The application is saving the video in standard AVI files, but using its built-in SWF Producer you have a choice of converting them to bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWF file format).

With this program there is not a lot expected from your input. You just need to define the desired region of your screen and press the record button. Save it to an AVI file and that's it. Easy, right? But if we go under the hood of the software, we will see that things are a little bit more complicated. If you are a power user with a lot of applications running on your computer, the CamStudio can stay quietly minimized in your system tray even when it is recording and it is still usable, via a few shortcuts you can define.

A lot of options and mouse clicks allow us to customize the application. Let's take for example the region of the screen from which the video will be recorded. First of all, the choices for screen capturing are fixed region, e.g. a window (it can capture even translucent or layered ones), the whole screen or just any screen area we define with the mouse. The fixed region is a tab where you can type in the coordinates of the captured window, if not, you can simply select any area from your desktop by dragging a rectangle (the flashing effect can be hidden). The coordinates' fields will fill in automatically with the correct values.

Having a look in the Options menu you will realize that the program is far more complex than you may think. In the video options tab you can choose the compressor you are going to use for your video from quite a wide range of alternatives. Available for download is CamStudio Lossless Codec v1.0, which can be found on the producer's website.

You can adjust different settings like Playback rate or define the milliseconds in which the frames should be captured. As for the compression algorithms, LZO and GZIP come as natural choices. Nine levels of compression are left for the user to choose from, starting with the fastest one and finishing with the best.

The mouse cursor is important especially when we are creating tutorials or presentations, because we want others to see what buttons we are pressing or what functions we are calling. If necessary, the mouse cursor can be hidden within the recorded area, or else you can choose it to be a custom one from a file or from CamStudio. To be more obvious for your viewers you can highlight it, change its color and/or its shape.

If you think a sound will suit better to your movie file, adding it from your microphone is not a complicated job. But when playing with the sound option you might get the feeling the program is asking too much from you. It is indeed easy to use, but not easy to understand as a novice user may find it hard to comprehend the set of options in Recording Format drop down menu, or what Audio Compression Format is best for him. On the other hand, as a professional, you can even interleave video and audio at a preset interval, use MCI (Media Control Interface) method for audio recording or enable the autopan effect and decide on its speed interval.

If you decide to upload your file on the Internet, you'd better convert it into a bandwidth-friendly file format. CamStudio comes with its own SWF Producer to do the job for you. It is a standalone program which can be used to convert AVI files into SWF (Flash) file format. You can set your converting options to be displayed for a final check, or save the hard drive space by deleting the AVI file immediately after the process completes.

Defining the temporary folder for recording can be done from the Options tab. The name of the captured file can be asked for or can be preset with the current date and time. You have four levels of recording thread priority to decide upon and the length in seconds of your movie file can be up to 7,200.

Troubleshooting is restricted only to the functionality of other sound recording applications or video and audio codecs generating CamStudio crashes. And if you are unfamiliar with the English language, you might be lucky, as the other choice is German, but the restart of the application is required for the change to be applied.

In Tools menu, you can try the screen and video annotations. There are lots to play with in here as well. For video you can edit the transparency of the window, the resolution, the pixel depth and the compression of the digital image format. You have a choice to create cutouts using predefined shapes and add a border to them. These cutouts can also have a user-defined size and color. If necessary, the refresh rate of your video device (webcam) can be adjusted accordingly, from 1 to 60 FPS (frames per second), for a better quality of your capture. On editing text you can select the font, its positioning and even the Language/Encoding (e.g Western, East Europe, Greek, Russian, Arabic, Thai, etc).

Using Video Source settings you can select the video device and configure its options (brightness, contrast, sharpness,etc). If you want to play with the image, you can mirror it vertically or horizontally. See how you can improve your image, controlling exposure, color and low light boost or flickering.

For the screen annotation, there is a lot to talk about. Mainly because here it is all about you and your artistic vision. You can take advantage of a multitude of already designed shapes or you can create new ones. Resizing, cloning, editing text, image and transparency are options left at your disposal. Once you have created a nice layer, you can save it for further use in a new library or in the current one. If you have your own shapes you can insert the library which contains them. Creating new shapes may be easy when they are loaded from BMP, JPG or GIF files, but if you have artistic flair you can start from scratch.

As effects for your video you can select the font, text and background color of your timestamp, name the caption or attach a watermark which you can load from your own files. In toolbar you can find the most used buttons as Record, Pause and Stop, but also for screen annotation. Changing the recording format can be done from here and is a mouse click away.

CamStudio is designed as an intuitive software for all users, once they don't expect to make complicated compression choices. The difference is visible with the quality of sound and video for an experienced user. Assistance menu is far from being the most appropriate one.

With CamStudio you can record all of your screen or just a certain region defined by a window. The video you make can have a timestamp, caption and a watermark. Recording can be preset for a certain amount of time. Movies recorded in AVI format can be converted into Streaming Flash -SWF - file format. The application can highlight left or right mouse clicks.

Help menu is unavailable and there are no hints in the program as well as explaining the options you have to choose from. The interface can be redesigned to make the software more appealing. As is a very easy to use program for all types of users, this is only to a certain extent because not all of us know how to choose the best video and audio settings for our needs and no hints are given at all.

CamStudio is a useful application for home-making films, especially tutorials. It has lots of options the user can customize. It is Open Source so there is no need for money to be paid. There is a lot of customizing available and choices to make, like preset the recording time of user-defined screen region or watermark your video. It helps you greatly in creating tutorials highlighting the mouse clicks with customizable colors, and that is indeed an important feature.

Too many times screen capture software can be as expensive as $300 dollars and plenty of people are purchasing this expensive software everyday! Unfortunately, many people who are buying this expensive software so not know that they have no need to pay $300 dollars for that kind of software. Matter of fact, CamStudio is actually no cost screen capture software. Because it is released under GPL you can actually download it for FREE! It is software designed for easy use and a great tool to increase your online business profitability.

So if you're on IM Report Card because you're looking for a way to make money online, then you should check out our top recommendation.  It's the best method we've found that anyone can use to earn income online.

The majority of people who have purchased Cam Studio Pro have reported back that they are well-pleased with how the program works. They claim that although it is user-friendly and therefore easy for beginners to use, it also contains enough features to make the videos that it creates look extremely professional. Cam Studio Pro is broken into 3 parts, the Recorder, the Player and the Producer AND it also offers a web page designer so practically all you have to do is record and GO. AND the best feature so far is that you can embed a link into the SWF file so that when it reaches the end of the movie, it can redirect right to the webpage of your choice. OK... so the recorder how does that work? Well you just pick what you want to record, decide whether or not you need audio, and select the Cam Studio Decoder - and hit the RECORD button - it really is that easy. The Player is just that - it plays AVI files for you - no need to load up Windows Media Player.

Easy to Use - with just a few simple tries Good How To Videos - Dave gives you the lowdown in easy to understand lessons You can redirect at the end of the video to any URL you choose (great for demos and more)

Can't edit video directly in the program Because it's so simple to use - it may not have enough bells and whistle for the super touchy Not Free... but the Free Version of CamStudio doesn't come with all the add on tutorials Making videos especially screen recording is useful in online business. After all, being able to make a simple video by just recording what you are doing on your computer screen is one of the more useful functions of CamStudio Pro.

Cam StudioPro comes packed with the best features that you need to turn out a professional end product. Besides Cam Studio Pro gives you free updates on the software where you could be current in an ever changing tech world. What more could we ask for at such an affordable price.

Cam Studio Pro Features
· Inbuilt three pronged features -  record, produce and play
· Inbuilt help tool
. Displays and previews all AVI, SWF, and WMF Files
· Tools available-split files, join files, convert files, and publish files
· Can change mouse cursor, mouse cursor effects, time, caption stamp, screen
· Can configure audio input by selecting recording on microphone or speakers
· Settings for visual effects, display settings, automatic conversion,
  automatic publishing
· Captures live screen shots with four main options
1) Full Desktop
2) Fixed Pane – define the region captured in pixels
3) Rectangle – define the region of computer screen
4) Window- Specify window you are to capture
· Video annotation - add high-quality screen captions and interactive  
  commentary for video
· Lossless Codec - that enables you to make high resolution video with smaller
  file size
· Control over the quality of the video – high resolution videos for the best
  which you would burn onto a CD or DVD or low resolution videos for emails
 · Compatible with windows 7, windows vista, windows xp enabling your videos
   to be compatible with your visitors’ settings. This will ensure that
   visitors to your site will be able to view your videos
· Gives an option to your video as a YouTube file, where it can be uploaded to
  YouTube with ease and as well as upload videos to Google Video, Yahoo Video 

Why Cam Studio Pro
· Develops videos to effectively promote online businesses by creating
  demonstration videos, video-based information on products, for any software
  programs etc.
· Creates professional high resolution videos especially for social media
  advertising · Great as an affiliate marketing tool to promote other peoples
  products in such sites as Click bank and EBay.
 · The videos can be used to attract high traffic to your affiliate sites and
   piles on your commissions
· Professional training and support tool - can be used to make training videos
  for corporate presentations
· Video tutorials for educational forums, schools, universities etc.

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